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Meta Monkey is building the exciting free play and blockchain gaming experiences that modern players seek.  Our innovative platform and games bridge the gap between web2 & web3, allowing users to play, build, connect & earn the way they want.
Oh, and it’s FUN!

About Us

Founded by gaming and gambling industry pioneers, Meta Monkey creates irresistibly playable games for traditional and Web3 players, alike.

The award winning team has a passion to entertain and is skilled at delivering innovative gaming experiences to complex, highly regulated markets.

Applying these talents to Free Play & Web3 games, and leading with fun, Meta Monkey combines immersive play mechanics with optional blockchain enhancements, sustainable economies and thriving User Generated Content (UGC) ecosystems. 

The result? Games players love.

Meta Monkey. Elders grace, Mobley


Elder’s Grace
is a live action, RPG & strategy game where players create treasure strongholds & build specialized teams to plunder others.  Adventure, Raiding and PvPvE campaigns add to the battle fun, while cross-web, Free-to-Play and blockchain options give players choice and an easy web3 tech onramp.  

It's a magical world in Elder’s Grace where gamers Play for Keeps.

Build | Raid | Defend

Our Approach

At Meta Monkey we’re committed to creating quality game experiences for web2 & web3 players. We believe blockchain technology and owned digital assets can enhance free to play games. With that in mind, we’re building the traditional and cross-web games players have been asking for.

Games Should Be Fun

Compelling games keep both free play & web3 players coming back for more. 

Easy On-Ramp

Adding optional blockchain & digital asset elements can enhance game excitement and provide an easy on-ramp for traditional players to check out the web3 space.


Gaming experiences are carefully designed to entertain while featuring sustainable in-game economies.

User Generated Content

UGC breeds loyalty and keeps content fresh, substantially extending a game's natural lifecycle, so the fun can keep going.

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